Lise Hovesen b.1985

Lise Hovesen is an artist whose practice addresses notions of restoration and destruction, as ongoing forces at play within in the cyclicality of history. Her work defies any sense of confinement, spanning the mediums of drawing, film, installation and actions concerned with the absolute reconcilement of art with life. There is a continual re-visiting of the past: importantly not a reversion to the past or nostalgia, but a reconsideration of it in relation to the present, resolutely engaging in a contemporary critical dialogue.

Lise Hovesen was born in Denmark and graduated from University College Falmouth with a first class honours in fine art in 2008. During her time there she was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to Katowitz, Poland in the winter of 2007 and recieved the Fenton Arts Trust Bursary. She is currently studying on the postgraduate programme at The Prince's Drawing School, London.