Grant Foster b.1982

Grant Foster's work attempts to subvert power systems by hijacking iconography that is commonly associated with either religious or masculine practices. The paintings themselves are diluted events, simplifed from their source material which has included forensic pathology journals and pulp ephemera. This marriage of the grotesque with the common place allows him to position the work between common moralities like good and evil. Earlier paintings saw themselves as objects rather than illusions and the sculptures are a logical progression of this idea.

Grant graduated from Fine art Painting at the University of Brighton in 2004, he went on to become a prizewinner in John Moores 25 with a jury that included Jake and Dinos Chapman. In 2009 he had his first solo exhibition at the Post Box Gallery, London titled “Mute and Impotent Before the Boot” and has been accepted onto the 2010/11 MA Painting course at the Royal College of Art.